The Vision of Growing Stronger Ministries


The Vision of Growing Stronger Ministries is to provide training and support for leaders in the local church so that women can offer a place of refuge and healing for other women temporarily experiencing crises, trauma, depression, or grief so that they can recover and return to a life of fruitfulness.

Where to Turn?

Women experiencing crises, trauma, depression, or grief often feel isolated and dont know where to turn for help. Although the church wants to be a refuge and members of the church want to minister to women in such need, we often don’t know how to help. Pastors and staff can become overwhelmed with the volume and intensity of the needs of their congregation, so the cycle of isolation and frustration continues.

Help is Available!

There are women in every church who have a calling from God to help others in crisis, but need training to fulfill that calling. Growing Stronger provides the information, structure, and support necessary for them to facilitate ongoing groups, providing a much-needed safety net to receive and help stabilize women in crisis.

Although Growing Stronger was founded by a licensed therapist, individual groups are not meant to provide counseling, but to supplement counseling and provide a setting where women in crisis can recover and grow in a safe, caring group.

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