Welcome to Growing Stronger Ministries!

A safety net for women experiencing crises.

All of us have times in our lives when we are hurting and need help. Therapist Mary Beth Woll, MA and psychiatrist Paul Meier, MD love helping people during those tough times and have devoted their careers to doing so. That’s why they wrote the book, Growing Stronger: 12 Guidelines Designed to Turn Your Darkest Hour into Your Greatest Victory. From this book, Growing Stronger Ministries, an outreach to churches and women in crises, has grown.

Although nobody wants it to happen, women suffering crises, trauma, and grief often fall through the cracks of the church structure. Sometimes church members don’t know how to reach out, and the church staff may feel overwhelmed at the needs of women in crisis. Growing Stronger Ministries offers training, structure, and support to develop intensive-care-type groups in the local church which provide a safe haven for women going through those hurtful times we all eventually encounter. While no one can totally escape the feelings of isolation which accompany suffering, participating in an ongoing, caring, healing group can go a long way toward easing that pain.

As a result of Growing Stronger Ministries, we pray that Growing Stronger Groups will spring up across the US and in other part of the world. This ministry has a very definite purpose and goal – to help women in the church provide healing support for other women experiencing crises so that they can recover and return to a life of effectiveness for God and even become30,60, and 100 times more fruitful than before! (Mark 4:20).

May God bless you as you follow Him through this very important journey!

Mary Beth Woll, MA, L.M.H.C.
Co-author, with Paul Meier, MD, of Growing Stronger
Founder of Growing Stronger Ministries

The Vision of Growing Stronger Ministries

Growing Stronger: 12 Guidelines Designed to Turn Your Darkest Hour into Your Greatest Victory